SHARE Community Land Trust

Providing quality, affordable home ownership to low-to-medium income families and holding the land in trust for our future generations.

S.H.A.R.E. Community Land Trust is a program of Upper Valley M.E.N.D.  It's mission is to hold and develop land in a manner that provides...

  • Quality, environmentally sensitive, permanently affordable housing for low and moderate income residents,
  • Educational programs and support to help residents of the land trust to be successful home owners, good neighbors, and contributing members of the community.
  • The creation of facilities and/or spaces that will strengthen the community.

What is SHARE?

SHARE stands for Securing Homes on Affordable Real Estate. It was established in 1998 by Upper Valley MEND out of its concern for the rising costs of housing in our area. Upper Valley MEND is an independent, nonprofit, Christian service organization known for its work through the Community Cupboard food bank and thrift store. It also provides other emergency services in the Upper Valley. MEND stands for Meeting Each Need with Dignity, and this philosophy is also behind its efforts through SHARE Community Land Trust.

Why do we need SHARE?
We live in a small, beautiful valley. This fact is a great blessing, but a curse when it comes to housing costs. Limited available land and its desirability by so many people forces the cost of housing and land beyond what many can afford. People such as store clerks, housekeepers, teachers, foresters, agricultural workers, artists, and even small shop owners are finding themselves squeezed out of the local housing market, yet all of these individuals are vital to the growth and well being of our community. If this trend continues, we will lose the small town character that is as vital and special as the natural beauty that surrounds us.

What is a Community Land Trust?
A CLT is a way for a community with high land values to address the need for affordable housing with an emphasis on homeownership. A CLT provides:

  • ACCESS:   A CLT uses grants and donations to purchase the land and provide the infrastructure needed for homes.
  • AFFORDABILITY:   Becasue the CLT owns the land, the homeowner carries the mortgage on the value of the home only.
  • COMMUNITY:   The stability that ownership provides adds to the safety and security of the community.

How it works...
A CLT is a non-profit organization that is controlled by it's members. All those living on CLT land are automatically members. In addition, anyone in the community who supports the goals of the CLT may join by paying a small annual membership fee. The members elect the CLT Committee, which acts as a committee of the full MEND Board of Directors, and is responsible for the decisions concerning the Land Trust.

There are currently 2 SHARE communities, Alpine Heights and Aldea Village.  We are developing plans to build additional homes and rental units on our newest property, located between Titus Road and Chumstick Highway.